Re: A340 long distance reord

From: (Torsten Kerschat)
Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Date:         21 Jun 93 14:04:49 PDT
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sandee@Think.COM (Daan Sandee) writes:

>CNN reported that an A340 had set a record (long distance for airliners)
>by flying Paris to Auckland in 21.5 hours (miles were given , but I
>don't remember).
The distance was over 19.000 km non-stop (more than 12000 miles).
But it was not the only record they made, because flight time
around the world (from Paris to Paris) was less than 49 hours.

>They said "cabin furnishings had been stripped to be able to take on
>more fuel", or something. A half-second shot of the cabin interior
>showed it look quite bare.
It's right, that they stripped of the cabin furnishings, because they
tried to save fuel.

>Solutions :
>- they used supplemental tanks
no they don't

>- CNN screwed up and they stripped the aircraft just to make it lighter,
>   not to take on more fuel.
that's better

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