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Date:         18 Jun 93 22:57:23 PDT
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>I am looking for articles and/or statistics on commercial carrier safty.

Interesting question.  There are a variety of books of varying quality
on the subject, but they tend to focus on one or a few accidents rather
than taking a broader view.  I'd like to see something along the lines
of a compendium of crashes of transport category aircraft, with some
basic statistics (date, location, type, operator, registraton, injury
and fatality counts) along with a brief synopsis of what happened, a
page at most would be fine if there were adequate references to other
sources for further details.  Indexes based on date as well as aircraft
type would be very nice.

Alas, I don't know of any such compendium.  If anyone else does please
share it with the group.

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