United's new livery

From:         Helen Trillian Rose <hrose@eff.org>
Date:         13 Jan 93 01:30:24 PST
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I got an issue of Time this week (18 January) because (ObPlug) EFF's
Staff Counsel Mike Godwin is quoted in it.

I was paging through and on pages 6 and 7 there is this beautiful
gorgeous 747-400 (N7471U -- but I don't have my JP with me :)

The ad reads:

We now embrace the colors of the world as the new colors of United

In celebration of a new style of service at home and abroad, we are
proud to unveil the new colors of the friendly skies.

They are the colors of the world we have come to serve. A word of 318
United cities across the Univted States, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe
and Latin America.

And as we have grown, so too has our dedication to offering you the
finest service in the world. A dedication reaffirmed by the recent
introductions of our newly designed First and Connoisseur Class service.

Our new colors now herald an era of even greater commitment to all who
fly the friendly skies of United. Come fly the airline that's uniting
the world. Come fly the friendly skies.

The new livery has the same basic colors (White, Blue, Orange) but adds
a new grey. The tail has the old United logo on it (alot smaller than
the old one) and is also striped in a two-tone blue. 

United is one of the last of the "old school" of airlines who were using
an "older" livery. Delta has changed (some), Northwest has changed (to
the new spiffy grey & red that they debuted the 747-400 with),
Continental, etc.  Southwest has stayed the same, but, that's not a
surprise. :-)

I think the only thing they could have done to make it better was put
little United logos on the winglets, just like Northwest does. :-)

Is this livery flying yet, or is it just "something to come"?


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