A340 long distance reord

From:         sandee@Think.COM (Daan Sandee)
Date:         18 Jun 93 22:57:17 PDT
Organization: TMC
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With reference to a discussion recently on a record-setting 747-400
London to Sydney flight :

CNN reported that an A340 had set a record (long distance for airliners)
by flying Paris to Auckland in 21.5 hours (miles were given , but I
don't remember).
They said "cabin furnishings had been stripped to be able to take on
more fuel", or something. A half-second shot of the cabin interior
showed it look quite bare.

Minor problem : "take on more fuel" ? does that mean that A340s are built
with more tank capacity than you can normally use without exceeding 
MGTOW, unless you throw out cabin furnishings ? doesn't make sense.
Solutions :
- they used supplemental tanks
- CNN screwed up and they stripped the aircraft just to make it lighter,
   not to take on more fuel.

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