Re: Pilot attitudes on A320 (RE: A320 cockpit visit)

From: (Kevin Driscoll)
Date:         17 Jun 93 23:51:39 PDT
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I have found that the two things that pilots like most about the A320
is the FMS and the side-sticks.  The reason for both of these is that
they make the pilots life easier and more comfortable.  With the FMS,
you don't have to fight with charts.  Except for a couple of minutes
before take-off and landing, you don't see any charts in an A320
cockpit.  The side-sticks make eating, doing the log-books, etc. soooo
much nicer.  These things give the pilots a nice day.  Of course, they
should balanced against the safety issues which would give a pilot a
really bad day.  But, you didn't run into very many pilot's that have
had really bad days with the A320.  Many aren't flying (or even
breathing) any more.  The fact that one "Oh, sh:t!" cancels 1000 nice
days doesn't enter into the pilot's feelings, since they haven't
experienced that really bad day.

As for the auto-throttles, about 80% of all A320 pilots I have talked to
wished that the throttles would move to give them feedback.