Strange 727 Flight

From: (Richard Sun)
Date:         17 Jun 93 23:51:32 PDT
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Last Sunday (13 Jun) I was on DL1846 (LGA/BOS Shuttle).  As we passed
over PVD and prepared for landing, I noticed the plane's attitude
changed several times from nose-up about 5 degrees to nose down 5 degrees.
Had me stumped.  I've flown the shuttle many times before, and this had never
happened before.  As we landed at BOS, I noticed our speed was very fast.
Seemed like the reverse-thrusters were on forever.  Of course, I forgot
to ask about the strange flight afterwards.  Any speculation?  I think
maybe the flaps or slats were malfunctioning.  Any other guesses?