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From:         jambon@imag.fr (Francis Jambon)
Organization: IMAG Institute, University of Grenoble, France
Date:         17 Jun 93 13:02:18 PDT
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  It is very strange, I've spoke with people who do not fly A320, they do not
like it, I've spoke with people who fly it, they are found of it ! I cannot
understand that.

  I've done a power on and a take off with one of the 6 axis simulators of
Aeroformation (Airbus training school). I was Pilot Flying (in night VFR)
at the right place, with an instructor at the left one. It seems to me to be
easyer to fly that A320 than a DR400 (As common in France than the C172 in
the USA), and much different than home computer flight simulators !

I've try the sticks and the Auto-Pilot : 
When the other pilot take the control of the airplane, pushing the read
button on the stick, a red arrow light on just in front of you (see the paper
of R.Dorsett and P.Mellor).
When you change the mode of the Auto-Pilot, the value is cleared, a group
of three letters change on the Auto-Pilot, and the symbol of the airplane
change on the Primary Flight Display (Horizon+speed+altitude).

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