Re: McDonnell Douglas warns against carry-on electronic devices

From: (Alvin Law)
Organization: DSO, Stanford University
Date:         13 Jan 93 01:30:22 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.34@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Kevin Driscoll) writes:
>>"These devices, says the company, 'include, but are not limited to,'
>>citizen-band radios, cellular telephones, transmitters that remotely
>>control devices such as toys, and portable compact disc players.
>Current opinions vary about how much EMI an avionics system is protected
>against, but 200 v/m is a typical number.  One would not expect the
>above devices to produce such levels.

If a CD-player can cause problems, how about laptop/notebook
computers?  I flew back from Hong Kong on a 747-400 two months ago and
saw at least 10 people working/playing on their laptops, and there
seems to be no problem.  At least the plane didn't round up in Russian

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