Jetstream 31 question

From:         spagiola@FRI-nxt-Pagiola.Stanford.EDU (Stefano Pagiola)
Date:         16 Jun 93 14:59:28 PDT
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Has anybody noticed that Jetstream 31's almost always appear to have  
replacement panels on the fuselage in line with the propeller disc?   
I had noticed this before, but the frequency of its occurrence was  
brought home to me yesterday at SFO, when only one of 12 or so  
Jetstream 31s flown in by United Express and American Eagle lacked a  
replacement panel.  By contrast, none of the four Brasilias that came  
in had such panels (although I remember seeing them occasionally on  
Brasilias and other prop types).  A look through my slide collection  
confirmed the very high frequency of replacement panels on  
Jetstreams, and their existence but lower frequency on other types.

So, two questions: 

First, just what exactly causes fuselage damage in line with the prop  
disc that force panels to be replaced?  If the actual propeller  
blades were coming off, I figure we'd hear about it :-)
Second, why are Jetstream 31s so much more susceptible to this kind  
of damage?

Ciao, Stefano
Stefano Pagiola
Food Research Institute, Stanford University (NeXTMail encouraged) (NeXTMail encouraged)