Re: Airbus A300

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Organization: Capital Area Central Texas UNIX Society, Austin, Tx
Date:         04 Jun 93 12:12:20 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.440@ohare.Chicago.COM> weiss@crowe.SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Michael Weiss) writes:

>Unlike other aircraft, the doors of the A300 open like the side doors on a van.
>That is, they pop out, and then slide horizontally, rather than popping in and
>swinging out on hinges.  Is this common for all Airbuses?  The powered approach
>sounds to me like a more convenient, but less reliable method.

It sounds unsafe, if that's what happens.  Normally, there's some structural
integrity protecting accidental or intentional door opening in flight; that's 
what the swinging-in motion is--working around the frame.  I wonder if they 
just use bolts and air/ground sensing...  

Robert Dorsett!!rdd