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Date:         02 Jun 93 00:16:17 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.430@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Tony D. Lowe) writes:
>Something I've always wondered.  Are jet aircraft able to back up under
>their own power?  I've often heard rumor that they can, but usually don't
>because of visibility problems, etc.  I know at UPS, we always use tugs to
>back our aircraft.

This maneuver is called a 'power back', as opposed to a 'push back', which
uses a tug.  The procedure is possible on 727's and DC-9's, and possibly
on others as well, I have only seen these two types accomplish this,

Many airlines do not use this procedure (United for one), because it is
rather bad for the engines.  During the procedure, a good deal of dirt
and grit can be ingested into the intake, and that sand-blasts the 
turbine.  In fact, United normal procedures call for the reverse thursters
on a 727 to be off at any speed slower than 80 knots, for exactly this
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