Need help on 747-400 cockpit dimensions.

From:         Greg Pisanich <>
Date:         27 May 93 11:23:25 PDT
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Hi all, please help if you can.

I'm working on a project involved in simulating human computer interfaces,
including anthropometric models.  

The current simulation development is based on the 747-400. We have a 747-400
simulator coming into Ames, but it has been delayed, and we can't wait.  
We've requested scaled drawings from Boeing, but they are slow in coming.  
We have drawings but they have no scale associated to check them against.

If you have access to a 747-400 or 747-400 simulator, could you please send
me the measurements for the outside of the MCP and on of the primaries or
EICAS displays?  They don't have to be outstandingly accurate, just 
something reasonable we can start with, we can work out the rest.

Thanks in advance.  I promise a project description to anyone who can help.

Greg Pisanich
MIDAS development group.