Re: McDonnel Douglas warns against carry-on electronic devices

From: (Paul Raveling)
Organization: Unify Corporation (Sacramento)
Date:         11 Jan 93 16:09:58 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.36@ohare.Chicago.COM>, barr@ash.mmm.ucar.EDU (Keith Barr) writes:
> In article <airliners.1993.34@ohare.Chicago.COM> Kevin Driscoll writes:
> Wouldn't there be a change in attitude if the autopilot was engaged,
> which it obviously was, and if the navigation equipment was disturbed by RF?
> For example, if you are flying a heading of 090 to hold the 270 degree
> radial to the station, and someone in back turns on their super-powered
> Sony Nav-Mess 1000 CD player, the nav equipment, may sense that the
> aircraft is now on the 280 degree radial, and the autopilot would command
> a turn to the right to correct the situation.

	This is almost exactly the circumstance that I'd expect
	to cause an unexpected bank.  The only difference is that
	I'd suspect a high probability that the erroneous radial
	indication would be a fair bit more than 10 degrees off.

	Does anyone have research results near their fingertips
	for tests of various electronic devices in airliner cabins?

Paul Raveling