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Date:         21 May 93 14:07:06 PDT
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>It was four-jet, high wing and a tall T-tail with very large horizontal
>stabilizer.  The wing mounted to the fuselage with a decided "shoulder". 

Sounds like an Il-76 or perhaps an An-124.  (I'm not certain that the
Antonov has a "T-tail" though the Ilyushin does.)  These were built as
military transports, very roughly -- and without implying any copying
of designs -- Soviet equivalents of the C-141 and C-5, respectively.

With the collapse of the USSR the Russians have been enthusiastically
marketing these aircraft for commercial cargo transport in many other
countries, including the U.S.  There was a bit of a row last year
about proper certification for U.S. operations but that subsequently
was resolved.  This seems like a decent arena in which the Russians
can pursue some hard currency.

(About two years ago I was in the Chicago area and heard a *very*
unusual sounding jet on approach to 14R at O'Hare.  It was much louder
than most aircraft at that point but also was qualitatively different,
more of a buzz as I recall.  What finally came into view was an Il-76.
I think the different sound surprised me even more than the fact that
it was there at all.  Does anyone know of anything unusual about the
engines on this aircraft that might cause this difference?)

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