MD80 Vs. MD90

From: (Keith Newburry)
Date:         20 May 93 02:59:52 PDT
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One new MD90 feature which has not been discussed so far is
the "barrel" section means of assembly.

The MD80's main fuselage was assembled like a clam shell.
the upper and lower fuselage were joined in an assembly
tool and riveted together.  (I was a supervisor on MD80 major
assembly in Long Beach.)  The clam shell approach was 
always berated because of the quality problems due to 
the complex assembly.  While I was never in QA, I felt that
dimensional assembly errors were compounded by the clam 

The MD90 is assembled by the joining of cylindrical, non circular cross 
section barrels.  The barrels are much easier to assemble and
,in general, have higher quality than the old approach.  
I believe MDC, if successful, will improve quality and cut
assembly costs on the MD90 program as compared to the MD80.	

Keith Newburry - ex "Dougloid"!!!!