From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         19 May 93 02:15:13 PDT
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I think the numbers given for the MD-80 in article 605 are somewhat 
deceiving.  The heaviest MD-80s (i.e. longest range) are MD-83s which have
a MTOW near the wing's structural limit.  The first MD-90s have a significantly
lower MTOW (near that of the MD-82) which makes their range improvement 
more impressive.  Obviously there is room for growth in the MD-90 which
Douglas is taking care of with the MD-90-50 and -55.

A further catch:  the longest range MD-80 is really an MD-87 at the optional
high gross weight.  Austrian used to use these aircraft to fly nonstop to
its Persian Gulf destinations.  

(The Commercial Aviation Nut)