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Date:         17 May 93 15:01:16 PDT
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>Is a mouse a threat to the airworthiness of an 
>airliner, or is the concern purely aesthetic?

Given the mention of "security personnel" perhaps it didn't have a
passport.  Or perhaps Crandall was worried about the added fuel burn
required to transport a few extra ounces across the Atlantic.  (I've
gotten the distinct impression that American cuts their fuel reserves
to the absolute minimum.)

I don't really see how it could be an airworthiness problem unless the
little guy managed to chew on things he shouldn't.  I believe most of
the control cables and wiring on a 767 are above the ceiling, however,
so this doesn't seem likely.

>From what I've heard, United has or had cockroach problems with some
of their second-hand 747s, the seven ex-QANTAS 747-238Bs as well as
the unique (to United) 747SP-27 that came from Braniff via Pan Am.
They kept on flying them though I'd imagine exterminators would be
called in as soon as possible.

>Would the flight have been delayed if the mouse
>had been sighted in the *coach* section of the

I think I'll not comment on the possiblity of improvement over the
usual economy-class cuisine.  ;-)

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