Mouse Grounds 767

From:         Tony Heatwole <HEATWOLE@LANDO.HNS.COM>
Date:         17 May 93 15:01:10 PDT
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I knew that since the 767 isn't fly-by-wire, it couldn't be
flown *using* a mouse (or sidestick, in aeronautical terms),
but I was surprised to learn that it can't be flown *with*
a mouse, either.  From the latest Airliners magazine (Vol. 6,
No. 2, Summer 1993, p64):

    "A Manchester to Chicago flight was recently delayed
    for 24 hours when security personnel reported a mouse
    in the business-class section of the American Airlines

Two questions come to mind:

    1.  Is a mouse a threat to the airworthiness of an 
        airliner, or is the concern purely aesthetic?

    2.  Would the flight have been delayed if the mouse
        had been sighted in the *coach* section of the

Tony Heatwole
Gaithersburg, MD