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Date:         11 May 93 01:50:43 PDT
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Don Webster ( invites:

  | At United and probably most airlines, we are receptive to visits to the
  | cockpit while boarding and deplaning the airplane.  Just tell the flight
  | attendant that you would like to visit the cockpit.  As long as you
  | aren't the last person boarding the plane before the door is shut, you
  | will probably find the crew most accomodating.

Don, I assume from your message that you are a United employee.  I would
like to mention that I have, in fact, been warmly welcomed by the cockpit
crew on one of your flights.  The crew was probably bored of visitors, but
they certainly don't seem to mind!  The flight engineer let me in the
cockpit, and I took pictures with my camcorder, and he and I chatted for a
while.  I told him I am a student pilot flying out of Palo Alto; the flight
was bound for San Francisco (out of Honolulu) and we were flying over Palo
Alto.  The FE's comment was "Stay low!"  (Guess some general aviation pilots
bust the floor of the terminal control area airspace.)  That was one very
special and memorable cockpit visit.

Thank you for your article, and for your colleagues' hospitality.

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