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From:         Don Webster <71352.340@CompuServe.COM>
Date:         06 May 93 00:13:42 PDT
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At United and probably most airlines, we are receptive to visits to
the cockpit while boarding and deplaning the airplane.  Just tell the
flight attendant that you would like to visit the cockpit.  As long as
you aren't the last person boarding the plane before the door is shut,
you will probably find the crew most accomodating.

It is actually harder to get down onto the ramp to walk around the 
airplane.  Security has made this difficult to accomplish without 
clearance and an escort.  I would call the local airport and ask for a
tour.  They can probably direct you from there.  Another source would
be a local fear of flying class.  See if you can get in on one of their
tours.  They reduce fear through education, which often includes a 
first hand contact with airplanes.

Try a cargo airline, such as UPS or Federal Express.  They often have 
more dead time between flights and one of their employees may be able
to escort you.

Good luck.

Don Webster