Re: Boeing link with Daimler-Benz on "jumbo jumbo?"

From:         Robert Dorsett <>
Date:         09 Jan 93 02:25:00 PST
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In <airliners.1993.37@ohare.Chicago.COM>  Helen Trillian Rose <> wrote:

>Actually, I heard (I think it was either on CNN-Headline News or read it
>on Clarinet) that Boeing had talked to both British Aerospace and
>Daimler-Benz/Deutsche Airbus, but *hadn't* talked to Aerospatiale (sp?,
>in any case, the French). 

Another slant on this issue is they see how expensive this airplane can
to be, how tenuous the market can be, and are extending feelers on
a cooperative venture.  Airbus can afford to risk $7 billion on an air-
plane that won't turn a profit: Boeing can't.  A cooperative measure would
be in both companies' interests.

>Which countries have partnerships in Airbus?
>In any case, Germany, France, and England are the main partners (I

The countries, their shares in the Consortium, and their major national 
players, are as follows:

France: 37.9% share.  Aerospatiale, state company.

Germany: 37.9% share.  Deutsche Airbus, owned by Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm.

England: 20% share.  British Aerospace, 48.43% owned by the British government.

Spain: 4.2%.  CASA, state company.

Netherlands: associate partner, Fokker.

Belgium: associate partner, Belairbus.

All this is just the tip of the corporate iceberg, though: Airbus as a 
corporate entity is more a holding company than anything else: work is done
by the principal contractors, who in turn have a massive web of sub-

Approval of projects, as well as funding, is secured at the governmental
level, not the corporate level.

Robert Dorsett