Re: 707 engine nacels

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Date:         05 May 93 14:14:57 PDT
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>The 720 only had 2 engines (numbers 2 & 3?) with turbo compressors.  
>That was the main spotting feature to tell the difference.  Another 
>clue (but it didn't always work) was that the 707s have a "spike" 
>antenna coming out the top of the vertical stablizer for high 
>frequency communications, most 720s didn't have that.

The easiest way to distinguish the 720 from the 707, when you're not
able to see both sides, is that the 720 has a single overwing emergency 
exit on each side (like the Convair 880 and 990), while the 707 has two.  

Back when 707s were commonplace, quite a few of them in this country
didn't have the distinctive HF "spike" at the top of the tail -- 
American and TWA, particularly, had a lot of -120Bs that were used
domestically, where HF communication wasn't needed.  A few 720s did
have the antenna, but they were mostly foreign-owned.


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