Re: Special Conditions for A340 released

From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
Date:         04 May 93 11:23:00 PDT
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>I suppose I'm not positive it was a 340 but it sure looked like the
>pictures I saw in Airline Pilot a couple months ago.

It certainly sounds like one.  Air France does have 747-400s but it
sounds like you saw enough to know it wasn't one of those.  At least
one A340-300 has been delivered to Air France (in February) and they
were scheduled to have three by now.

>I'm guessing it was flying in on a non-revenue testing flight.

Air France and Lufthansa operated a number of route proving flights,
with an A340-300 and A340-200, respectively, during the later parts
of the flight test program.  Lufthansa was scheduled to begin trans-
Atlantic A340 service on March 15 (Frankfurt to Newark) so I'd guess
that the Air France flight would be a revenue one.  I'd assume that
a foreign carrier doesn't need an FAA certification to operate a
flight which either originates or terminates outside the U.S.  (I've
seen an Il-62 at O'Hare and another one on approach to SFO and I'd
think it a good bet that the Il-62 isn't FAA-certified.)

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