Re: Special Conditions for A340 released

From: (Gary Bisaga)
Organization: The Mitre Corporation, McLean Virginia
Date:         04 May 93 11:22:58 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.375@ohareChicago.COM>, (Robert Dorsett) writes:
|> The FAA finally got around to releasing its final set of certification 
|> requirements for the A340.  They are published in the Federal Register, 
|> 56:71, of April 15, 1993, pp. 19553-19571.  
|> These are an official addendum to Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, 
|> Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 21 and 25.  The A340 has to pass through 
|> these hoops before it can be certificated in the United States, despite the 
|> fact that the European joint airworthiness authority certified it last 
|> December.
Two weekends ago (April 17?) I was working in my front yard and looked up
to see a four-engined airplane lining up for the 1R approach to Dulles airport.
Hmmm .. I thought.  Looks a little big for a 707/DC8 ... it's got those big
hi-bypass fans too ... got winglets ... no bump on top though.  As I watched
it for a little while I realized I was seeing an A340 in person for the first
time!  It was in the colors of Air France.  I suppose I'm not positive it was
a 340 but it sure looked like the pictures I saw in Airline Pilot a couple
months ago.  I'm guessing it was flying in on a non-revenue testing flight.
Comments?  Any other sightings?