How do I get close-up looks at commercial aircraft?

From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Atlanta Customer Support Center
Date:         04 May 93 11:22:56 PDT
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[ I know this isn't exactly technical discussion, suited for
sci.aeronautics, but it seems like good meta-discussion for
those of us who desire to get more involved with the technical
details, but don't have direct access to the industry. -Jay ]

I'm interested in learning more about big aircraft (passenger
jets, the cargo versions used by e.g. Federal Express and UPS)...

How does one go about finding written and/or videotaped
information, without reading through thousands of pages of
technical journals, and without spending too much money?

Would it be possible to get close-up looks at the craft,
be able to walk around them, inside the non-passenger areas?
Talk to maintenance people, pilots, etc etc.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Jay Vassos-Libove        
Digital Equipment Corporation      decwrl!!libove
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