Re: Special Conditions for A340 released

From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Atlanta Customer Support Center
Date:         04 May 93 11:22:51 PDT
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|But what if the French and German delegates decide to delay certification
|of a Russian or U.S. design until Airbus can finish their competing model?
|What if the U.S. delegate delays their certification of an Airbus until
|Douglas can finish their MD-whatever?

Certainly this is a possibility, but retaliation in kind os probable.
In the same way that the US congress works on politically motivated
bill-killing, and still gets some things done, it seems that a highly
technical board (as this one must be) would operate smoothly, despite
some countries' industries' likelihood to _try_ to apply pressure
to delay a competitor's certification.

Besides, with multiple boards around the planet, we already have
the situation where one board can prevent foreign competition's
planes from being locally certified.


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