Stratocruiser (was: First Flights on airliners)

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Date:         09 Jan 93 02:24:58 PST
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  or MIME structure (Alek Seelemann) writes:

>DeHavilland was aware of metal fatigue. Why the heck they designed  
>square windows (sharp corners == stress concentration == engineering  
>no-no #1) is a mystery.

Speaking of round vs. square windows, I noticed that all versions of
the Boeing Stratocruiser had circular windows except those operated 
by Northwest and United.  Was there a technical reason for this?  (I
have the impression that these were later models than, say, the Pan Am
and BOAC ships.)  Or was the window shape changed because of customer
preference, to give the passengers a better view on those long overwater
trips?  :)


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