UA/SFO Reliability?

From: (Richard Sun)
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date:         04 May 93 01:44:13 PDT
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I'm just interested, since someone else posted something about DC-10
problems on UA out of SFO, if this is a frequent problem with UA?
I flew out of SFO heading for JFK on a DC-10 during Summer 1991, and
we had an engine failure a couple of minutes after takeoff.  We had to
turn back to SFO and fire engines were waiting.  We even dumped fuel
to lighten the load to normal landing weight, and for "safety" reasons.
Safe landing, though.  Strangely enough, I said to my mother as we
entered the plane: "DC-10, I hate these planes!  I'd rather fly on a
767 or 747--they're safer."

I guess if we have bad feelings about DC-10's out of SFO on UA, we should
change flight plans!

Anyone else have a bad experience on DC-10's out of SFO on UA?  Maybe
we'll have enough people for a club!