Re: spare engine under wing

From: (Phydeaux)
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Date:         04 May 93 01:44:10 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.376@ohareChicago.COM> Don Webster <71352.340@CompuServe.COM> writes:
>>I was quite surprised to see that #2 was just 
>>fine, but that what I had seen was a spare mounted inboard of #2, 
>>about midway between the #2 pylon and fuselage.
>Fifth Pod ferrying of 747 engines is still the most efficient way of getting
>them moved from place to place.  I can give you a few constraints involved.  

Why can't  they just crate the  engine up and put  it inside? Would it
not fit through the door, or just take up  too  much space? Hanging it
off of the wing seems  a bit extreme,  considering extra  fuel burned,