Re: Costs of operating an airliner/Mileage

From: (Alain Zarinelli)
Organization: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, CH
Date:         03 May 93 11:00:13 PDT
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  or MIME structure (Nitin Gupta) writes:

>    ...         , and he gave a stat Lufthansa published that the optimal  
>"mileage" that a fully loaded 747 can attain is 80 miles/gallon/person. Is  
>this a reasonable number?

>From the "official notes" of Airbus Industries, I got the following
figures (dating back to ~1983): the A320 comes to about 40kg fuel per ton
aircraft and (flying) hour. Per PAX and route this gives a consumption of

       21.4 g/PAX/km = 0.03 l/PAX/km = 0.0147 gal/PAX/NM,

assuming a cruising speed of ~900km/h = 486KTS. Restating this as a
mileage, one gets to

            68.13 NM/PAX/gal = 78.4 statute miles/PAX/gal.

So yes, I think ~80 stat.mi./PAX/gal is a reasonable number -- at least
for the A310.
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