707 engine nacels

From:         "John (J.F.) Hawkins" <jhawkins@bnr.ca>
Date:         03 May 93 11:00:10 PDT
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I've gotta question about the venerable 707 jet. I've taken a liking
to the old bird, and have started collecting pictures, postcards, whatever
I can get ahold of containing images of the noble jetliner. In these images
I notice something peculiar about the outboard engine nacels (sp?) namely,
they are different from one another (No. 1 nacel != No. 4 nacel).

I'm just an airliner fan, no aeronautical engineer mind you, but why would
the engine attachements to the wings not be identical i.e. symmetrical. My
public library is silent on the subject despite having a good "wire-frame"
diagram of the jet.

The number one engine (on captain`s side?) seems to have a shorter nacel
which tappers off into the engine cowling itself in a smooth fashion about
mid-way between intake and exhaust.  The  number four engine (co-pilots 
side?) terminates in a large bulge above the engine intake in what appears 
to be another, though smaller intake. Is this some sort of auxiliary 
powerframe for when the jet is sitting around on the ground?

Just curious. I knew if anybody knew, you guys would.

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