Re: spare engine under wing

From:         Don Webster <71352.340@CompuServe.COM>
Date:         02 May 93 12:24:24 PDT
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>I was quite surprised to see that #2 was just 
>fine, but that what I had seen was a spare mounted inboard of #2, 
>about midway between the #2 pylon and fuselage.
Fifth Pod ferrying of 747 engines is still the most efficient way of getting
them moved from place to place.  I can give you a few constraints involved.  
Max speed:  290 KIAS 
Max altitude: 35,200 
Max takeoff gross: reduced approximately 30,000 depending on model of 747.
Land speeds are increased about six knots.
I can't give you the fuel burn penalty, but would guess it to be around
The cover in the engine cowl is described as an ice deflector.  A tail
plug, probably for streamlining, is installed.
Don Webster