747 Autpilot problem

From:         reb@ingres.com (Phydeaux)
Date:         30 Apr 93 02:37:37 PDT
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Today's Wall Street  Journal (4/26/93) has a front  page article  on a
problem with 747 autopilots.  The problem has to do with the autopilot
banking the plane to one   side.  Apparantly last  year  an  Evergreen
International 747  on a cargo flight with  its autopilot set on slowly
banked to the right 90 degrees. It  dropped from 31000ft to 19000 feet
and then  made  an emergency landing.    This  is  the 30th  such roll
incident according to the FAA.  The incidents  included both fast  and
slow rolls.

Engineers  apparantly can't agree  on  where the  problem lies. Boeing
sayspilots should pay closer attention to their job, while

It's an interesting  article.  I'd be  happy to fax  it  off or send a
.GIF file of it to someone with OCR software so it can be posted.


PS: This is a problem with the autopilots on all but the -400 series
    747s.  The -400s use a different autopilot.