MD-11 incident over Alaska

From: (Keith Newburry)
Date:         30 Apr 93 02:23:28 PDT
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A previous post had inquired about the MD-11 turbulence incident
over alaska.  The following is pure rumor and is not from any official
agency.  I heard the account from a friend who works with a 
big aerospace company:

1. The pilot was sleeping, possibly without his seatbelt fastened.
2. The plane was on auto-pilot
3. The copilot, who was supposed to be minding the store, fell asleep.
4. The plane hit some turbulence, and the auto pilot disengaged.
5. With both pilots asleep, the plane went into a roll/dive
6. By the time the pilots had discontinued their slumber and brought
   the plane under control, several passengers had been bounced around
   the cabin.......causing seats to come loose and severe injuries.

Disclaimer: this is rumor! We wont know the official (real) story
until the FAA report is released.  I dont know if the above 
account is an accurate description of what really happened!