Re: Stall Warning Systems on Commercial Aircraft

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Organization: Capital Area Central Texas UNIX Society, Austin, Tx
Date:         30 Apr 93 02:23:25 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.359@ohareChicago.COM> you write:
> Alpha vane and configuration are the main trips for the stick

I brought this up with a 727 maintenance-type two nights ago: he indicated
that the system in use relied on both an angle of attack sensor and an
input from the air data computer.  I'm not clear on how the two inputs
are handled.

The AOA sensor is normally heated to avoid icing problems.

Mark Anthony Brown wrote:

>You also get some stall warning through airframe buffet; its designed that

Possibly.  The relevant regulation is 25.207; it suggests that airframe
buffet may be used to satisfy the requirement, but on many airplanes, there
is insufficient buffet; hence the use of stick shakers.

Robert Dorsett!!rdd