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Date:         24 Apr 93 09:28:51 PDT
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A while back there was a discussion of hanging a spare engine under
the wing on the 747, amongst other types.  Apparently they still do
this, on regular flights -- last night I was at SFO and watched as
a United 747-122 (N4728U) was pushed back from gate 84.  Something
looked a bit odd about the #2 engine so I walked down a bit to get
a better vantage.  I was quite surprised to see that #2 was just
fine, but that what I had seen was a spare mounted inboard of #2,
about midway between the #2 pylon and fuselage.

It appeared to have a small plug in the front, with a fairing on
the back of the central exhaust -- the fan seemed to be open.  The
engine, a JT9D, was mounted on a partial pylon with the front of
the nacelle roughly equal with that of #2.

I'm not sure where the aircraft had come *from* other than that it
had been a domestic flight.  Most likely would be Hawaii though it
might have been from Miami/South America via Chicago.  (United has
other domestic 747 arrivals at SFO, but not near the right time.)
Destination was clear -- it was promptly towed around to one of the
maitenance areas where scaffolding was quickly erected around the

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