Need info on the MD-11 pitch incident over Aleutians

From: (Michael T. Palmer)
Organization: NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA
Date:         24 Apr 93 09:28:48 PDT
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Hi.  I'm looking for more information on the MD-11 that apparently
underwent an uncommanded pitch which resulted in a passenger being
killed (got this from the ata-watchers mailing list).

I somehow missed this in the news, but I'd like to get the airline
and flight number, date, altitude, etc. and references to articles
in aviation magazines that I can look up.  Also, any information on
whether this was a simple hardware problem (short, malfunction), a
goof on the part of the flight crew (grabbed slat handle by mistake
while getting out of the seat), or a human/machine interface type
of problem (FMS/MCP interaction or autoflight mode misunderstanding).

Any info appreciated... either posted or emailed.

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