Costs of operating an airliner/Mileage

From: (Nitin Gupta)
Organization: Massachvsetts Institvte of Technology
Date:         24 Apr 93 09:28:46 PDT
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My advisor and I were talking about aviation because he flies a lot and I  
wish I did :-), and he gave a stat Lufthansa published that the optimal  
"mileage" that a fully loaded 747 can attain is 80 miles/gallon/person. Is  
this a reasonable number?

Also, take a 767 BOS-SFO flight. Assuming a packed flight, how much does  
it cost to operate, including fuel, cost of the plane, pilots, staff,  
landing fees, peanuts, etc. Therefore, how much does the company need in  
total airfare to break even. How much does this come out to per person. Is  
80 miles/gallon/person a reasonable "mileage".

We were basically wondering how the airlines make money.
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