From:         h andrew chuang <chuang_hsin@ae.ge.com>
Date:         20 Apr 93 15:29:09 PDT
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I heard a rumor that Airbus has scratched the A330-400X program, and A330
will now be targeting the A300 market (does that mean the A300 will soon be
history?).  I am a little skeptical about the rumor because it is from
within GE, and GE does not want to see Airbus stretching the A330 because
GE does not have an engine for the growth version.  The plan for a higher
thrust CF6-80E was cancelled last year (because it would have almost the
same thrust as the derated GE90), and GE90 is, to the best of my knowledge,
physically too big for the A330.  If the rumor is true that means no one
will be really competing with the 777.  Maybe Boeing should return the
favor by getting out of the 767-300 market. :-)

I was also told that this year's Paris Air Show, there will a -80E-powered

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