From:         h andrew chuang <chuang_hsin@ae.ge.com>
Date:         20 Apr 93 15:29:07 PDT
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Boeing is currently holding talks with SAS and Finnair for possible
replacement of their MD fleet with mostly the 737-X (4/14, Wall Street
Journal).  This is an important sales for Boeing because it will affect
future purchases by Swissair, Austrian, and KLM which are talking about
merging into one operation.  This will help Boeing to gain a respectable
share of the European regional market, unfortunately, at the expense of
another American manufacturer.  SAS, Finnair, and Swissair probably have
been the most loyal MD operators outside the US.

On the engine side, GE and Snecma are currently developing an advanced
CFM56-3, originally designated as -6, for the 737-X.  Does anyone know if
Boeing and IAE are seriously considering offer a V2500-powered 737?  If so,
are there any airlines interested in one?  (I doubt if there is any major

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