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Stefano Pagiola writes:
>OK, lets list them.  The Tu-134 looks like the BAC 111, DC-9, and  
>Caravelle; the Tu-154 looks like the 727 and HS-121 Trident; the  
>Il-62 looks like the VC-10, and the Tu-144 looks like the Concorde.   
>I suppose one could add that the An-24/26 look like the F27.

Stefano, I believe you're blowing this rather far out of proportion.
I've not seen anyone claim that a Tu-134 is a copy of a BAC 111 or
a DC-9, except you.  This started off with a discussion of the Il-62
and VC-10, which *are* remarkably similar aircraft in many regards.
This may or may not mean that one is a copy of the other, but there
is some evidence that the Soviets have borrowed heavily from the west
(the article on Buran being based on purchased NASA models, for
example) and it is plausible in the Il-62/VC-10 case.

>The Tu-144 has a cranked delta wing compared to Concorde's ogival
>delta; the initial Tu-144 designs also had their engines grouped
>together under the fuselage rather than out on the wings as on
>Concorde.  Details, details.

These are interesting and useful comments to support your view that
the Soviets aren't simply quick copy artists.  However, introducing
an absurd case (as I view the Tu-134) is not a valid argument.  Arg-
umentum ad absurdum, if I recall my philosophy classes rightly.

[ Further comments on this thread will be rejected unless they are
predominantly technical in content with substantial evidence.  I've
let this go on as I think there are some interesting questions, but
it's degenerating quite rapidly and I'd like to get the discussion
on a more informative track. ]

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