Re: Soviet Aircraft

From: (John Clear)
Organization: Purdue Daemons
Date:         14 Apr 93 00:55:59 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.339@ohareChicago.COM> weiss@turing.SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Michael Weiss) writes:
>I can't see too many pros, aside from the one that led designers to put the
>engines on the tail in the first place, namely noise.  You can keep the rest of
>the airplane quieter by concentrating the noise to the rear.  Nonetheless, the
>advantage was not sufficient to keep the design for the 737, so I'm inclined to
>believe that switching to turbofans (especially high-bypass turbofans) reduces
>noise to the point that it's just not a big deal to have the engines on the

	Soviet aircraft arent designed with a high priority on passenger
comfort, so cabin noise as the reason for engines on the tail is not that
good a reason.  I have had the oppertunity(misfortune?) of flying on
the Soviet versions of the 727 and DC-9.  I was warned before hand, and
brought ear plugs, but even with ear plugs, the cabin noise was very 
painful.  The quality of the aircraft was poor, but worse than expected.
On boarding the 727 style plane, I looked down at the gear.  The 2 main
gear each contained 6 tires, but four of each six were balding, and a few
had spots with no rubber left at all.  On the side of the plane were
outlines of cut-away areas, similiar to seen on military aircraft.  The
interior could have been that of an old tour bus.  The over head bins
were just open shelves.  The seats were flimsy, and fell forward with just
a slight touch.  There was a loose piece of carpet, so I pulled it back.
The floor of the plane was PLYWOOD.  There also were no saftey features
that are standard on most planes.  There were no oxygen masks in case of
cabin depressurization, and there didnt appear to be saftey slides.

	Needless to say, I slept for most of both flights so that if we
did crash, it would be a quick and painless death.


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