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Date:         09 Apr 93 15:03:08 PDT
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>>There does appear to be some evidence that the 727 was significantly
>>influenced by the Trident, though I doubt many would go so far as to
>>claim that Boeing copied the Trident.  

>Do you have any references for that position?  I'm aware that the Brits
>complained bitterly that the Trident influenced the 727 (probably because
>it trounced the Trident) ...

Primarily several references which suggest that Boeing's ideas for
what was to become the 727 became dramatically more focused within a
remarkably short time after Boeing visited de Havilland and made a
close inspection of the DH.121 (original designation for the Trident)
plans with the idea, at least in de Havilland's thoughts, of a possible
joint effort.  Most recently I've read this in the Airliners article
on the Trident (Spring 1992) but I've read similar comments elsewhere,
I believe in some of the books on Boeing.

Influenced may well be too strong here.  Assuming some connection it
might be better to say the Trident (er, 121) acted, to some degree, as
a catalyst for Boeing's ideas.

>The 727's fuselage cross-section is ... wider than the Trident's.

Frightening, seeing as how a few Tridents flew with seven-abreast

>(1) notes that the three-engine configuration owed its existence to a 
>compromise proposal between UAL's desire for a four-engined plane and EAL's
>desire for a twin, more than any other factor.

Yes, but various Boeing histories that I've read claimed that the
three-engine format was widely regarded, by airlines and by some
Boeing folks, as too weird.  In particular I believe the S-duct
configuration was a point of extensive debate.  If the stories vis
a vis de Havilland have some basis in fact, seeing another group
of engineers with perhaps more advanced research on the same area
concluding that the design would indeed work could easily have a
catalytic effect.  Kind of a concurring second opinion.

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