Re: 737 nits (was Re: 757-300?)

From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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Date:         08 Apr 93 15:38:09 PDT
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Mark Rogers writes:
>  I noticed that the -500 only has 2 seats on each side in row
>9 (the window exit row).  Is this something that is now federally
>mandated for an easier escape path?

I suspect this has more to do with positioning of the seats relative
to where the window exits are located.  For example, United has only 2
seats at this row on the 737-500, as you mention, but also does so on
the much older 737-200, whereas on the relatively new 737-300 there
are 3 seats at the exit row.  Probably the seatback would block the
exit on the first two, whereas the exit would be adjecent to or
forward of the armrest in the 737-300 (and the row in front of the
exit probably has a non-reclining seat).

Anybody with hard numbers care to comment on the rules?


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