Soviet Aircraft

From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Atlanta Customer Support Center
Date:         06 Apr 93 04:59:32 PDT
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When I flew through Shannon airport recently, I noticed a Soviet
plane (I don't know what model, but I'll guess at an Ilyushin-86
because that was the aircraft type I was told flies the Miami
to Shannon route, and would have landed shortly before my flight

What I found interesting was that the plane had four jet
engines, all at the tail, attached with two on either side;
on either side of the tail would be one engine, attached to
the tail, and then attached to that engine was another engine.

I had never seen this configuration before.

What are the pros and cons of putting engines in pairs like
this on the tail, versus putting them under the wing (as on
the 747)?


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