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Date:         04 Apr 93 15:01:13 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.319@ohareChicago.COM>, hbreit@leland.Stanford.EDU (Henry Breitrose) writes:

> This evening's Moscow television news showed pictures of the rollout of
> a new Soviet...whoops...Russian (hard to keep up with history) wide-body
> passenger jet, described as having been developed jointly with U.S.
> manufacturers. There were shots of a cockpit with CRT displays and
> references to Collins as an American partner. The aircraft was described
> as accomodating ca. 300 passengers and as having a range of 11,000 km.
> The engines were described as coming from Pratt & Whitney and I counted
> four...I think.

The Russians have been talking about their Ilyushin Il-96-300 for a long,
long time and knowing the financial situation of the country I don't
believe they're going to make any totally new planes in near future. So,
although I've not seen this program I suppose the plane is Il-96-300M:

	-It has already now CRT displays and FBW, but because the quality
 	 of the Russian electronics is relatively poo they have been looking
	 for western technology. The Collins avionics will propably be used
	 in Tu-204 and Il-104

	-The contract between Ilyushin Design Bureau and P&W was signed
	 already during the last Paris Air Show (1991) and Il-96 will
	 make is debyt with P&W during next Paris Air Show next June.

	-The Russians have been showing the photos and films about the
	 new widebody Ilyushin from mid-eighties, it was aimed to enter
	 service in 1990, but they just keep on showing photos... 
       	So, this is surely no exeption.

> The announcer indicated that they'd already made ca. 11 sales in former
> Soviet countries. Someone must know more about this.

Originally the international department of the Aeroflot ordered more than
a hundred Il-96's, but everything has changed since; hopefully somebody
else knows more about the current status of Ilyushin order book, but I
remember junt that Aeroflot (the ruins of it) and some other now private
airliners is Russia have been interested in bying Il-96-300 with P&W
engines just because then thay can have a new state-of-the-art airliner
paying majority in roubles and just the western parts in hard currency.

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