Tailplane icing

From:         C2983HR@UVBumr.edu (Mike Howells)
Date:         04 Apr 93 15:01:03 PDT
Organization: Univ of MO - Rolla
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There have been some articles recently about a newly(?) discovered
phenomenon -- tailplane icing.  It is interesting because the de-icing
boots are unable to completely get rid of the ice on the horizontal
stabilizer due to propeller wash cooling the tailplane by as much as
35 degrees F!  There is MUCH more to the story here but I would be
taking up valuable bandwidth.

I am doing a technical paper on this subject and would GREATLY appreciate
any helpful comments on this matter.  Please remember to include your
name so I may include you in my reference section.

--Mike Howells
Commercial Pilot
Airplane Single & Multi-Engine Land
Instrument Airplane