MD-11 Engine Sounds?

From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
Date:         02 Apr 93 15:18:45 PST
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Atlanta Customer Support Center
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I was recently on a flight from Chicago O'hare to London Heathrow
aboard an American Airlines MD-11 trijet.  Within two minutes of
our initial ascent out of Chicago, the plane banked hard to
one side, righted, then banked hard to the other side, then
righted again.  During these motions, I heard what sounded like
one of the three engines spinning down - not being throttled back
as usual in a take-off, but spinning down to idle or off, then
spinning up, down, then up again and remaining running from
then on.  The pilot did not announce anything, and the flight
continued on schedule to its destination without evident
incident.  The banks didn't seem to accomplish anything - I
think they pretty much cancelled each other out (though that
is a very hard determination to make while climbing through
clouds, with no instruments in front of me).

Any ideas on the engine sounds I think I heard?


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