New Soviet Aircraft

From:         hbreit@leland.Stanford.EDU (Henry Breitrose)
Organization: DSG, Stanford University, CA 94305, USA
Date:         02 Apr 93 05:36:21 PST
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This evening's Moscow television news showed pictures of the rollout of
a new Soviet...whoops...Russian (hard to keep up with history) wide-body
passenger jet, described as having been developed jointly with U.S.
manufacturers. There were shots of a cockpit with CRT displays and
references to Collins as an American partner. The aircraft was described
as accomodating ca. 300 passengers and as having a range of 11,000 km.
The engines were described as coming from Pratt & Whitney and I counted
four...I think.

The announcer indicated that they'd already made ca. 11 sales in former
Soviet countries. Someone must know more about this.

News from Moscow, with English translation is available on CSPAN-2
Monday through Friday at 9PM PST.

-Henry Breitrose