Re: 727 deep stall

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         02 Apr 93 05:36:11 PST
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>At about 20,000 the airplane began a pre-stall shudder which the
>crew misinterpreted as mach buffet.  The airplane subsequently stalled
>as the pilot applied even MORE back pressure.
>The pilot continued with back pressure and the airplane eventually began
>to spin.  During the spin and subsequent attempt to recover, one of the
>vertical stabilizers was torn from the airframe, making further attempts
>at recovery futile.

At the risk of dragging this on even further:

1.  The airplane did NOT spin.  It was actually a spiral, much of it at
relatively high airspeeds.

2.  The left horizontal stabilizer failed under 3500'.  Whether it would have
made much difference at that point is debatable.

Does anyone have a good scanner and OCR software?  This is a fairly "popular"
crash, and the report's only 21 pages, no illustrations, plus another 8 
pages in appendices.  My copy (blue-cover) is of very good quality.  Any
takers? :-)

Robert Dorsett